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Thank you for visiting our site.

As soon as possible please visit this site http://MormonThink.com

We act as a stepping stone to discovering truth.

Our objective is to act as a catalyst for stimulating enquiry into the origins of Mormonism, as well as encouraging an open minded exploration into the whole concept of psychology of belief.

Our overriding principle is the promotion of factual truth.

We aim to inform & if possible inspire.

We earnestly believe that truth can only be reliably discovered through a combination of:

1. Personal Experience

2. Critical Thinking & Reasoning

3. Scientific research & evidence

We do NOT accept that truth is discovered through feelings alone.

We encourage people to THINK clearly & unemotionally, whilst trying to avoid bias & prejudice.

Most of all anyone who is going to research these topics needs to be open-minded & willing to accept uncomfortable conclusions which may result.

The truth may be painful to consider at first, but we promise you, truth will always lead to enhanced authenticity in your relationships & in fact your whole life.

Hopefully with courage to face the facts & hope for a bright & authentic future you will succeed in discovering the truth.

Please take the time to explore the website http://MormonThink.com

Posted December 14, 2011 by MormonThinkUK

2 responses to “OUR PURPOSE

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  1. I have just watched the video, Why I left Mormonism, A Commitment to Truth – still crying…
    Very moved by how this has been put together, the words, the tone and the visuals – if this doesn’t touch hearts, I don’t know what will.
    I will post it to my facebook page in the hope that it may encourage a more trusting and open dialogue with family and friends within the church.
    To any LDS friends who may read my comment, please realise- those of us who have left are not anti-mormon, just pro-truth. Only the TRUTH can set us free.

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for your comments.

    The video is very touching isn’t it!

    He has a very sensitive & compassionate approach to helping members discover the truth.

    Kindest regards,

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