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Chris Tolworthy’s “The Church is True, The Church is Not True!” ~

(This is a great place to start because Chris addreses both sides of the arguments. Chris was a Faithful Branch President & Mormon Apologist when he created “Why Prophets?”, which puts the case in favour of the Church’s truth claims. After Chris had his epiphany he created the “The Church is Not True!”, putting the opposite case!)

Why I left the Mormon Church by Tyler Young:

(Tyler Young wrote this amazingly thorough essay detailing the issues which led to his exit from the Church)

John Dehlin’s wonderfully comprehensive presentation on ‘Why People Leave the LDS Church’:

(It’s a few years old now so doesn’t address the ‘Proposition 8’ issues, which has caused many members to reconsider their faith. Still very thorough & presented by a faithful member with concerns for why members are leaving the Church in ever-increasing numbers)

Great blog

Leaving the Mormon Church after many years as a faithful member is difficult:

Lyndon Lamborn and his book ‘Standing for something More’:

Richard Packham on Leaving the Mormon Church:

Occam’s Razor:

Bob McCue on Spirituality:

(Bob is a Canadian lawyer, he is a very clear thinker & writes in great detail, he served faithfully as a Bishop for several years, and served on the Stake Mission Presidency prior to leaving the Church after discovering the truth.)

Bob McCue podcasts:

Anti-thetical Mask:

Mormon Stories Podcasts:

The Mormon Curtain:

Steve Hassan & Freedom of Mind. Cult mind control expert:

Mormonthink on Blacks and the Priesthood:

Mike Bundrant on Recovery from Mormonism (with free downloadable workbook) :

Mormon Institute Director Resigns from Mormon Church:

Ken Clark, Former Mormon Educator Home Page:

LDS Honesty, Lying for the Lord:

Leaving the Mormon Church:

How to make your post-Mormon journey a happy one by Bob McCue:

Stages of Recovery from Mormonism:

Does the Mormon Church have a duty to come clean about its origins. (Bob McCue):

Grant Palmer interview about Mormon Origins:

Life After Mormonism:

How Cults Work:

Native American DNA and it’s implications for the Mormon Church by Simon Southerton:

Ex-Mormon scholars testify – Jim Whitefield:

Athiesm & Evolution, by Jim Whitefield:

Did Adam live 4000BC by Chris Tolworthy:

Evidence against creation by design:

Lack of Mormon Doctrine in the Book of Mormon by Ed Bliss:

Why it’s difficult for members to accept the truth:

Irreducible Complexity and the Evolution of the Eye by Richard Dawkins:

The Ultimate Boeing 747, by Richard Dawkins:

“Good Reasons for Believing in God” by Dan Dennet:

“The Instruction Manual for Life.” Or considering the proverbial shelf!

Very Moving. Apostate, but active members:

Presentation on how Cognitive Bias generates Belief:

“The Purpose of Purpose” by Richard Dawkins:


“An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins”, by Grant Palmer.
(An excellent, objectively written, thorough, no holds barred look at Mormon Origins by an active member of the Church.)

“No Man Knows My History”, by Fawn Brodie

“Standing for Something More”, by Lyndon Lamborn
(Detailed examination of his own faith & the doctrines of Mormonism, with a good introduction to the psychology of belief & Mormon mind control)

“In Sacred Loneliness”, by Todd Compton.
(In depth disclosure of the awful lives of the wives of Joseph Smith.)

“Wife number 19, or the Story of Eliza Ann Young.”
(Very disturbing account of polygamy by one of Brigham Young’s wives)

“Rough Stone Rolling”, Richard Bushman.
(Mormon historian & active Church member)

“The Mormon Delusion – Volumes 1-4”, Jim Whitefield.
(Extremely detailed analysis of Mormonism from early polygamy through to an examination of Church doctrine to a fresh look at the missionary discussions in ‘Preach My Gospel, and a detailed examination of the ‘First Vision’ including details the Church fails to tell you!)


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