Watch “Why I left Mormonism – A Commitment to Truth” on YouTube

This video does not talk about the individual truth issues.

Hopefully he’ll continue to do more videos.

What it does do well is highlight the motivation & the intention of most members who leave the Church because of discovering the truth.

The Church leadership has always taught its members that there are only 3 reasons people leave the Church: being offended by someone, wanting to sin, or because they are weak.

The message here is that the exact opposite is actually true.

Most people leaving do so because they value truth more than feelings. We are accused of weakness by the Church, when actually it takes an awful lot of courage to face the very frightening possibility that we may have been wrong to believe in something so strongly.

Most members have invested their time, money, even their very hearts & minds to the Church; they have committed their lives to the Church. Who they are as people is all tied up with the Church belief system.

To question the Church means to question one’s very self. To question who you are as a person.

It is the most painful & difficult thing I’ve personally ever done.

But I’ve grown immeasurably as a person through the experience & discovered myself independent of any prescribed belief system.

It has been a wonderful & very rewarding experience as I have come to realise that life is more amazing outside the Church than I ever could have imagined within it.

I have come to realise that the most important thing for me is authenticity, – Living with truth, not feelings.

Posted January 10, 2012 by MormonThinkUK in TRUTH

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