5 . Dealing With Truth

If you haven’t already done so I would advise reading Tyler Young’s wonderful essay:
Why I left the Mormon Church by Tyler Young: http://bit.ly/whytylerleft

(Tyler Young wrote this amazingly gentle, honest, & thorough essay detailing the issues which led to his recent exit from the Church. His discussion about the nature of truth is wonderful to read & ponder)

From MormonThink website:

MormonThink.com: Conclusions

“If you haven’t read all the sections yet then please do so before reading this section.  If you have read all the completed sections then you probably have come to one of the following three conclusions:

    • The LDS Church is still true.  The issues brought up by the critics are adequately explained by the Church members, LDS apologists and the Church itself.  Anything not fully answered is either not that important or I can wait until the next life to find out those answers.
    • The LDS Church is false.  The evidence brought up by the critics is convincing enough to show that the LDS Church is not what it claims to be.  It may have its merits, but the gospel was not restored through Joseph Smith as claimed.
    • I’m confused.  I don’t really know what to believe.”

    Some suggestions for other material to read that may prove useful:

    Leaving the Mormon Church after many years as a faithful member is difficult: http://www.exmormon.org/whylft36.htm

    Richard Packham on Leaving the Mormon Church: http://home.teleport.com/~packham/leaving.htm

    Steve Hassan & Freedom of Mind. Cult mind control expert: http://freedomofmind.com/

    Mike Bundrant on Recovery from Mormonism (with free downloadable workbook) : http://exmormonrecovery.com/

    Mormon Institute Director Resigns from Mormon Church: http://www.exmormon.org/whylft149.htm

    Ken Clark, Former Mormon Educator Home Page: http://www.mormonthink.com/kenclark.htm

    Leaving the Mormon Church: http://www.i4m.com/think/recovery/mormon_home.htm

    How to make your post-Mormon journey a happy one by Bob McCue: http://www.i4m.com/think/recovery/mormon-health.htm

    Stages of Recovery from Mormonism: http://www.i4m.com/think/recovery/recovery_steps.htm

    Life After Mormonism: http://www.lifeaftermormonism.net/

    How Cults Work: http://www.howcultswork.com/

    Athiesm & Evolution, by Jim Whitefield: http://themormondelusion.com/page_1232378871640.html

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