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The MormonThink website introduction:

Purpose of this site

The purpose of this site is to generate discussion and to encourage people to think more objectively about issues involving the doctrine, practices and history of the LDS church.

Many Latter-day Saints are completely unaware of some or all of the issues discussed here, or have an incomplete, one-sided view of them.

We present arguments and responses from both critics of the church and true-believing members and give our own opinions.

Why trust us?

With both sides of the LDS faith issue being labeled as biased, why should you trust us?  The people contributing to this web site are in a unique position.  We are members of the LDS church, yet we are fully aware that some of the history taught in the church is radically different from the actual historical record.

We value truth above all else whether or not it supports what we have always believed.

Since many of us are still very active in the church, we do not wish to make it look bad and make ourselves look foolish for being members of a church that may not be entirely true. But we believe in total honesty, so we will not sugarcoat anything just to spread the gospel. We think that only the truth is good enough for the members. Whether or not that strengthens a member’s testimony or hurts it doesn’t matter, truth is truth.

We feel that in order to really make an informed decision, that honest truthseekers should look at all sides of the issues. To that end we generously link to many critics and many true-believer web sites in each section so they can really explore all viewpoints. Currently we have over 300 pro-LDS website links and book references. We are continously updating our references as we find stronger arguments supporting each side.

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Posted January 6, 2012 by MormonThinkUK

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